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NVELS_announce.jpgCongratulations on winning your project funding!
Of course you have your own project plans and strategies, however as you are working on an e-learning project, what a great opportunity to stretch those technology skills and perhaps try something you haven't used before. What do you have to lose! It may provide benefit for your project, your team, your learners... and for yourself. :-)


How about setting up a team blog so you can share the progress of your project? Blogger.jpg

A blog is like a chronological journal or record...only it can contain more than text, and as it is online, both the reader and the writer can access it from anywhere. Blogger is a blogging tool which is commonly used because it is fairly simple. Here is an example of a past project which used a blog. When you are ready to begin, the video How to create a blog with Blogger is a good start. If you prefer a printed instruction sheet, try How to Blog using Blogger.

Maybe you would prefer a wiki...Wikispaces.jpg

Think of a wiki as an online is basically a website that can be easily edited without needing to know anything about yourself, your colleagues, or anyone to whom you give the web address. Website creation made easy! This site is a WikiSpace or here is an example of a past project which used a wiki. There are some great How To Set Up a Wikispace videos which will step you through the process - use the drop-down menu at the top to see all the different ones available.


Want to make organising project team meetings quicker and easier?

WhenIsGood.jpgWhenIsGood is an easy way to find out when everyone is free for your next meeting or workshop....simply select the days which work for you, send the link out to everyone who needs to attend, and ask them to select which days work for them. The system will tell you which day/s are good for everyone! Need some help to get started? Check out the WhenisGood website which explains more, or download the How To document for instructions.

Set up 'cloud-based' storage of your project documents...ensuring consistency and security

Dropbox.jpgDropBox is an example of storage 'in the cloud', except your files are very safe as they are also stored on your computer. Files are automatically 'synched' between all your computers, and are also available online (and even from your smartphone). File sharing is also extremely easy and folders can be shared with individuals and groups. The video on the front of the website explains it quite well.

Work on documents the same time

GoogleDocs.jpgGoogle Docs can store your documents 'in the cloud', but it also allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users. This can be extremely useful if your team are spread far and wide! Use the phone or Skype (see below) to discuss your document while you are making the changes. A Tour of Google Docs is a good place to start (click the arrow buttons, not the 'start now' button).

Collect feedback or other data, quickly and easily....all ready for your reporting!

SurveyMonkey.jpgSurveyMonkey is a tool which enables the creation of web-based, online surveys. A basic subscription is free and allows up to 10 questions with 100 responses. There are many Tutorials on thesiteas well as a YouTube video showing how to get started.


Create a team 'space' for sharing and discussing

There are many options for creating a free, online private discussion and/or workspace area for your team,eg:ScreenHunter_01_Jan._31_12.37.jpg
  • Facebook Groups can provide a place for group discussion (eg this example). They can be made private and have many advantages over email as the discussion is 'threaded' and all in one spot.
  • LinkedIn is a professional network with a similar ‘look’ to Facebook, but one which is used by business professionals. (Here's how to create a group and an FAQ to answer your questions)
  • Google+ uses the term 'circles' instead of groups, but it is essentially the has some enhanced features such as hangouts and is often available when Facebook is blocked by firewalls.
  • EdNA Groups is a good option as it is specifically for Australian educators and trainers. (Here is an FAQ)

Connect with team members...share your screen....even record a meeting!

Skype.jpg"Skype a software application that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet, but has many advantages over a 'normal' phone call as not only is it free, additional features include text messaging, file transfer, video conferencing, the ability to record a call and also to share your screen." There's an explanatory video on the home page called 'How to use Skype at Work', and another resource is Making a video call with Skype'- a 'how to' video.

Use web-conferencing to supplement face-to-face meetings

Blackboard.jpgA 'web conference' can be a presentation, meeting or workshop, but everyone can join in from their desk instead of having to travel! A Blackboard Collaborate vRoom is available at no cost...but there is a small catch. You must first sign up for the free 30-day, 25-seat trial of Blackboard Collaborateweb conferencing , but at the end of the trial, you’ll be automatically transitioned to a free vRoom...which can still be used by 3 people so useful for small groups. The vRoom FAQ provides more detail.


Sometimes you need great images to enhance materials, resources, your blog etcFlickr.jpgFlickr is a great place to find images, especially when they need to be Creative Commons (OK for copyright). Check out the Flickr FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and the video 'How to use Flickr. Keep in mind that you must attribute all images’s explained in How To Search & Credit Properly-Licensed Photos On Flickr.

Blackboard Collaborate™ vRoom is available at no cost! You must first sign up for the free 30-day, 25-seat trial of Blackboard Collaborateweb conferencing , but at the end of the trial, you’ll be automatically transitioned to a free 3-person vRoom. Answers to questions about the vRoom transition can be found on the vRoom FAQ.

Need to know more about copyright?

There have been some presentations about copyright as part of the e-Gems series, and these are still available:ScreenHunter_02_Jan._31_13.57.jpg

Sharing your Powerpoints

SlideShare.jpgSlideShareis a site where can upload your Powerpoints so that they can be shared. An uploaded Powerpoint is allocated both a unique web address as well as 'embed code' which can be used to embed it directly into blogs, wikis, LMS's such as Moodle etc. You can even add audio to make a ‘webinar’. Examples of Slideshare presentationsincluding Death by PowerPoint....a must see. :-)