AS007 Painters Registration


As of 2012 jurisdictional boundaries of the Painters' Registration Board of WA (now Building Commission of WA) will be adjusted to encompass Painting works of small business state wide. The need for regional training on-line was seen as a cost effective method to provide painting tradespersons with opportunity to qualify for Painting licencing and begin operating their own small Painting business in their regional area.

The Building Commission of WA has an accredited course entitled Course in Painters' Registration (52202) currently delivered in the Perth metropolitan area only. This project will provide the opportunity for any person in WA to access and complete the course.

Lead organisation: Polytechnic West
Partner: Building Commission of WA


Project Summary

How will the project improve learner access to improve employment outcomes?
The target learners will be active persons in the painting industry living in regional areas of WA. They will be provided with a self-paced learning approach with assignment milestones. They will be given access to the
Moodle platform where instructional resources, work sheets, self tests, powerpoint presentations and assessments can be accessed.

Submission of self tests, assignments can be downloaded, completed and either faxed, emailed or posted. Assessments will be completed online with a combination of multiple choice, true/false and short written answers. All AQTF requirements will be followed and Delivery Assessment Plans will be uploaded.

How does this project align to the jurisdictional and national priorities?
Jurisdictional Priorities: This project directly relates to the priorities of the Building Commission of WA to address the need for access to learning from remote/regional candidates who want to start their own Painting business.

National Priorities: The project outcomes align with the future intension for Painting registration to become a national requirement. Also, it aligns with the National VET E-Learning Strategy's mission to assist in providing equal opportunities for learners irrespective of geographical location.

Consultation with stakeholders
Initial consultation for the project was conducted with the Building Commission of WA stating the intention of the project. This met with approval and request for subsequent meetings to provide progress reports.

Upon completion of the developed resources, a meeting was held at the Building Commission's offices and a demonstration of the completed product was showcased. Individuals in attendance were those whose roles include: Senior Painting & Building Inspectors, Building Industry Policy Officer, Principal Legislation Officer, Master Painters' WA Executive Committee Member and Chairperson of Master Painters' Association WA Group.

Intended outcomes from your project

What do you hope to achieve with the funding?
This project intends to provide:
  • Training access to regional areas to Course in Painters' Registration (52202)
  • Provide opportunity for successful candidates to apply for licensing
  • Provide a valuable service to the Building Commission of WA to offer regional candidates cost effective on-line training and satisfy their organisation's obligation to direct enquiries to relevant RTOs.
  • Develop a working relationship with candidates and further develop relationships with the Building Commission of WA
  • Develop an on-line learning resource for one of the units of the Course

Actual Outcomes resulting from this project

What was done?
An induction video was developed to induct candidates. This assisted them to become familiar and comfortable with the site and it various features.

With the combined efforts of the project team consisting of: Content Developers, LMS Moodle expert, Instructional Designer and Multimedia Developer an online training presentation was produced addressing the requirements of the unit BSBBSMB 401A Establish Legal and Risk Management Requirements for Small Business.
Title Page.JPG

Due to cost associated with obtaining character photographs for the presentation, a photo shoot of lecturers was taken.

colleen.JPG photo shoot 1.JPGsimon.JPG

These photos were used to graphically enhanced text to encourage viewer interest.
Topic Page.JPG Topic 2.JPGTopic 3.JPG

To assist in the learning, links to industry and business websites to access relevant information were included.
website.JPGWebsite 2.JPG

Upon completing learning, candidates were able to access and complete activities related to the learning to practice new skills.

The LMS Moodle provides immediate feedback for the candidate to track their record and communicate with other students enrolled in the same course.

Benefits experienced by

Lead agent: Polytechnic West (RTO)
The benefits the college has gained through this project is the experience to develop on-line learning strategies. The college has increased its opportunity to offer a mode of delivery to encompass a wider cliental, which would not normally have been possible. The experience gained has demonstrated that other areas of need can also be addressed through providing access to learning on-line. Lecturers have also benefited by the development of self-marked activities and assessment made possible by the tools of the LMS Moodle.

Partner(s): Building Commission of WA
The Building Commission of WA, whilst in the early stages of implementing registration statewide, has benefited from this project's outcomes. There is a ready opportunity for their potential regional members to access learning to satisfy registration requirements. This has proved to be a pro-active approach where the Building Commission of WA has addressed the need for training for potential clients.

The significant benefit of this project has been for the candidates in regional areas. This on-line delivery mode has provided an opportunity for candidates to access learning from their remote areas without the need to travel to a Perth Metropolitan RTO. This saves travel costs and loss of income for protracted periods of time away from the workforce. Immediate feedback on student's activities assist learner's direction.

Reflections and Suggestions

Lessons learned during the project and in hindsight are:
  • Developing materials for on-line presentations takes more time to produce, particularly if not experienced using technology. However, once developed will save training delivery time.
  • Using information from relevant industry and business organisational websites, requires maintenance to ensure changes to these sites are still relevant to training and links are current.
  • Whilst this project has challenged and improved the skills of some of the project developers, it has inspired them to want to learn other technology skills to further enhance on-line delivery for their clients.

Sustainability of project outcomes

Upon completion of the project, and adjustments made based on internal and external feedback, the intention is to make this learning mode of delivery available to candidates in the Perth Metropolitan area as an alternative option for learning. The Building Commission of WA has already expressed their desire that this be actioned beginning 2013. This would particularly benefit painters who do not wish to attend college in the evenings after a days work. It would also appeal to painters who can complete their learning in a shorter period of time through self-paced on-line mode of delivery.
Expressions of interest have been received by painters in regional areas, who through word of mouth have become aware of this initiative and want to commence training via this mode. Polytechnic West has already compiled a group of candidates, contacted them and secured places for a successive course to commence July 2012.
The transfer of learning from this project to other organisations will be possible as resources will be available for other organisations to use for their cliental with necessary adjustments. The lead organisation is willing to provide information in written form to the FLAG secretariat for distribution and make presentations at relavent VET conferences.


This is a an Access to Skills project output, developed by Polytechnic West of WA and the Building Commission of WA with seed funding from the National VET e-learning strategy.

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